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5 Top Adorable Pyjama Sets to Gift Your Bestie

Earlier, while the day wears abounded in colours and styles, there were limited choices in the nightwear segment. Ladies had to pick between sultry lingerie that they were too embarrassed to wear during the daytime or dowdy sleepwear that diminished their allure. Today, with the evolution of loungewear, there are innumerable options in brands, styles, colours, and designs. Hence, women not only wear comfortable nightwear during the night but continue to wear them even during the day. The nightwear has become a sort of fashion statement and ladies are eager to show off their latest collections. They wear them as work-from-home costume and easily face the camera while personal or professional meeting. The increasing charm of the pyjama set has made them attractive gift materials and you can gift it to your bestie, friend, colleague, or relative on diverse occasions like wedding, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or anything else.

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Buying a pyjama set is as easy as it gets. From thousands of online purchase options, you can buy any nightwear with just the click of your fingers. From lacy pyjama set to classic flannels, the options are myriad- both for yourself and as a gift option for your bestie.  Here are five top adorable pyjama sets to gift your bestie.

Contrasting Top and Pyjama Set


Contrasting Top and Pyjama sets are super cute and can be easily worn the whole day long. They come in different patterns and colour combinations and deliver a smart look. You can even wear the pyjama set for your online office meetings and look perfectly respectable and cool as you communicate with your boss and colleagues. The nightwear can be gifted to women of all ages and at different occasions.

Classic Flannel Pyjama Set

The classic pyjama set remains forever fresh with a flannel top and a matching or contrasting full-length pyjama. The nightwear delivers a smart, yet youthful look and is best for chilly weathers. It forms an ideal Christmas gift for ladies with conservative taste or for women who want to have variety in their dresser.

Backless Tank Top with Shorts Sleepwear Set


Young girls and women who are more comfortable in their skin and like unrestricted limb movements during their sleep or daytime activity prefer to wear tank top with shorts. The sleepwear set comes in very comfortable material and stylish colours and designs. You can gift them to women during the warmer seasons. It forms an ideal wedding gift. The pyjama set can also be gifted on the occasion of their birthday, or as a travel gift.

Lacy Pyjama Set

Girls have a special fascination for finer things in life and like to dress themselves in ribbons and lace. Hence a lacy pyjama set is sure to win their hearts. The lace can be attached at the neckline, sleeve, or hem of the top. Lace adds that dream-like quality to the dress and makes the wearer adorable. The lacy pyjama set in a lovely colour can be donned during online kitty party to the envy of other ladies. It forms an attractive gift for all occasions.

Silk Pyjama Set

Silk pyjama set is a must in a newly-wed wardrobe. Made up of superior silk material, this pyjama set delivers a luxurious, stylish, and comfortable feel. The material is lightweight and breathable, making it wearable both day and night. However, silk needs little maintenance and care.

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