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Guide to Buying Women’s Activewear Leggings

With innumerable options available in the market, it becomes difficult to invest in the best activewear leggings. The article intends to help you to buy online activewear so that you get the best out of your fitness regime and lead a happier life.

Take into Account Your Personal Preference

Every person has a personal preference when it comes to wearing a clothing article. In the activewear category, women tend to have different choices with respect to waist fitting (high or low waist), pocket (absent or present), fitness (loose or tight fitting), print (coloured, black, or printed), and activity (yoga pants, trackpants, weightlifting leggings, gym tights). So, take into account all such considerations and get the best activewear leggings for you.

High Waist vs. Low Waist

Leggings in the market come in both high waist and low waist varieties. Women who love to show off their midriff can combine low waist leggings along with a tank top. However, ladies who want to show a toned abdomen tend to opt for high waist leggings which they can easily pair with crop top or sports bra and engage in their fitness schedule. When buying the leggings (either high or low waist), ensure that the waistband is stretchy but moderately tight so that it does not slips down in the midst of an activity. A tighter waistband would become uncomfortable and stop you from engaging in extended activity.


Todays many ladies are looking for activewear leggings with pockets. Pockets help in holding the tiny essentials like mobile phone, vehicle keys, and handkerchiefs. Ideally the pockets need to be closed with a zipper to disallow articles from falling down in the midst of a workout. However, if you dislike that extra bulge at your side and would rather keep things organized in your bag or pouch then you can buy the online activewear devoid of the pocket.


Fitness is very important during your workout sessions. The leggings should give you a good fit that not only stays during strenuous exercises, but allows you unhindered movements. Today women are fascinated with body-hugging leggings as they provide a beautiful shape to leg and abdomen region. Compression leggings even help women to instantly shed a couple of inches from around their waist and the lower body area. However, before you buy this online activewear ensure that the leggings have four-way stretch so that they provide squat proof facility and disallows it from coming down while squatting. Another thing to take into account is the anti-shake feature that stops the bums from shaking during exercises.


printed leggings

The print depends on your personal choice. You can choose black or any bold colour as per your style statement or even opt for a printed form of leggings to add that spice and zing to the workout. If you operate on a tight time schedule that leaves little room for changing, then you can buy an online activewear which you can continue to wear even after your active session by combining it with a kurta, top, or any other upper garment. However, ensure that the activewear is non-see-through so that you do not accidently expose your legs.


You can buy an online activewear that helps you engage in your favoured fitness activity like working out in the gym, running, aerobics, yoga, and zoomba. Ensure that the material is comfortable for extended duration of wear. Lookout for anti-sweat variant that absorbs the extra moisture from your skin. You can also go for compressive material that increases blood and lymphatic flow to your body parts and helps in enhanced performance with shorter recovery time.

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