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How to Find the Right Sports Bra

If you are a sportswoman or an athlete, you would have to maintain the elevated standard of personal health. However, while many women pay attention to overall fitness, the region they lack care of is their breasts. Even if you have toned-up or well-defined muscles, the breasts could experience wear and tear due to a lack of muscles. The workout routines are harsh on your bust and can make them loose or sagging. It spoils your overall fit appearance. To save yourself from such a mishap, you need to get the right sports bra.


Sports Bra- For Athletic and Non-athletic Women

A sports bra is essential for different types of workout schedules. It delivers the necessary support to your bust and saves them from injury or sagging in the course of various physical exercises. Different types of sports bras give relief in different categories of sports and range from high-impact running bras to low-impact yoga bras. If you are not actively involved in sports, still you can take advantage by wearing them on special occasions such as amateur sports activities. Hence, its vital to keep a sports bra in your collection for emergency time. It will keep you prepared for any sudden invitation to sports activities. 


Sports Bras As Per Your Exercise Needs

The purpose of a sports bra is to offer support and protection. The undergarment is performance-oriented and designed for triple levels of support on the basis of the workout’s intensity. They are low impact sports bra, medium impact sports bra, and high impact sports bra.

Low Impact: Women who engage in minor physical workouts like stretching, yoga, and pilates, can get themselves low-impact sports bras.

Medium Impact: For moderate degree physical activities like cycling, brisk walking, or hiking, women can get themselves medium impact sports bras. High Impact: Women who engage in highly vigorous activities like Zumba, aerobics, athletics, or racquet sports need to buy themselves high-impact sports bras.

Get the Right Size

Get the Right Size

Although sports bras fit you more snugly than everyday bras, they come in the same sizes as the regular ones. Hence, do not make the mistake of buying a size smaller or bigger. Even with the right measurement, the bras could have several other issues. Different companies vary in their sizes and so size in one brand may be a size or two smaller or bigger in another brand. So, ensure to read the size chart when buying sports bras online. However, if you are buying it physically then ensure certain points.

  • The sports bras fit tighter in comparison to your regular bras. However, they should not be too tight and should not restrict breathing. To check the snugness put two fingers between straps and your shoulders.
  • There shouldn’t be any wrinkles in the fabric, nor should you spill out of the cup. If either of the two are happening then either your bras are too loose or too tight.

The underwire (if any) should rest flat alongside your ribcage underneath the bust tissues. They should not dig in or pinch.

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