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Saree Shapewear vs. Traditional Petticoat

Saree is a beautiful ethnic wear that accentuates femininity. This long piece of unstitched garment is worn in several distinct styles as per the individual Indian states’ customs and individual’s preferences. The art of wearing a saree is unique and require precision along with care. In this traditional Indian garment, you can easily show some decent amount of skin and yet look respectable. Saree has two accompanying accessories- petticoat and blouse that form a complete ensemble. The blouse is a short shirt or top, while the petticoat is a long under-cloth skirt of a comfortable material used to hold the saree around the midriff. This skirt is essentially of the same colour as the saree and acts as a base to the Indian wear. Yet, one problem with petticoats is that they tend to give a voluminous figure. Shapewear is a smart alternative that reduces your dress size and can easily be purchased through the internet. Hence, the next time you buy a saree remember to look up online saree shapewear.

Enhanced Figure

Saree Shapewear

The fascination with media has augmented the trend for slimmer physiques. Earlier Indian perception of female beauty involved a fulsome body as a sign of prosperity. A full figure signified that the woman came from a flourishing family and hence, to enhance the body volume, petticoats were created in a voluminous manner. However, with the increase in media, the trends have changed. Now women wish to look slimmer and elegant. To solve the under-clothing need of the twenty-first century women, the saree shapewear was invented. The shapewear easily reduces a couple of inches from your abdomen to the lower body and adds appeal to your personality. Such shapewear goes well with the modern avatar of saree with the pre-made pleats and ruffles. So, if you desire a slimmer figure than saree shapewear is your answer and you can easily get online saree shapewear in any colour that you like. The shapewear is ideal for women who have gained some amount of weight and want to look slimmer. However, if you are too petite, and desire some volume on your persona, then traditional petticoat if best for you.


A saree shapewear offers optimum comfort on your body. It is strategically designed to deliver you a mermaid-like figure and helps you look slim and toned. The simple skirt-like design allows you to easily slip it onto your body and keep it at place. The drawstring is replaced by a thick seamless waistband that help to give your midriff a flattened appearance. It also keeps the saree firmly at place even during long hours of activities. Contrarily, the petticoats are in the form of loose skirts that you need to tie around your waist with the help of drawstrings. There is a chance of knot loosening that can spoil the saree’s alignment. Moreover, the knot adds extra volume to your body and increases your midsection width. So, if your desire comfort and beautiful figure, then buy online saree shapewear.

Saree Shapewear Takes Care of Your Gait

A saree shapewear takes care of your gait. The long unpleated skirt does not come in-between your legs and makes walks easier. On the other hand, walking in a petticoat could sometimes become cumbersome. The voluminous long skirt, unless worn properly tends to mount between your legs and pose a hindrance in your walk. You also need to take care that the drawstring is properly tied so that the saree does not slips out while walking. A saree shapewear absolves you from such care and you can easily walk long distances without feeling burdened by the weight of the material or the threat of saree spilling out. Hence, shapewear is better than petticoat in many respects and you can easily buy online saree shapewear from the comfort of your home.

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