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Shapewear for Women vs. Shapewear for Men

Shapewears are increasingly used by celebrities to endorse and flaunt the perfect figure. In fact, they are in high demand by both men and women who use it to hide certain physical problem area or increase the attractiveness of their dress. Different dress types require different types of figures and a woman can easily wear all the diverse styles of garments like cocktail dress, bellbottoms, salwar kameez, and business suit while taking the help of shapewears. Surprisingly, until recently, shapewear for women were more common than shapewear for men. However, with the popularity of social media, people’s intrinsic desire to get more likes has come to the forefront making them crave better body images. While it has given rise to fitness, shapewear is also increasingly in demand as people want to look good without any effort. Hence, men are as much into shapewear as women.

An Integral Part of Grooming

Presently, shapewears have become an integral part of personal grooming and many men and women wear them regularly under their clothes. From tummy tuckers to full body shapewear, different shapewears serve different purposes and serve to enhance the overall body appeal. Shapewear for women come in greater range due to the curviness of their bodies than shapewear for men whose body requirements are less. Men shapewear include Tummy Tight, V-Shaper, and Everyday Vests, while women shapewear come in broader range that include abdomen tucker, abdomen and lower body slimming, and full-body suits. In fact, there are also shapewear for bust enhancement or suppression. Hence, shapewear forms an integral part of personal grooming and can be found in the wardrobes of both men and women.

Delivers an Appealing Physique


Looking good is a natural part of human desire. Just as ladies want to appear their best in all moments of their lives, similarly men crave attention and want to appear attractive at work and leisure. Today the rise in desk jobs have limited people’s movements. Consequently, there is a general rise in obesity found in both men and women. Although individuals are aware of the need for regular exercises, a busy lifestyle leaves little space for such activities. In such circumstances, shapewear for women and shapewear for men deliver the essential relief. Men can easily take care of their paunches, ‘man-boobs’, or love handles, while women can tone down their abdomen, hips, thighs, legs, and upper bodies to have an appealing physique. The difference in women’s and men’s shapewear is that women’s shapewear come in diverse forms while men’s are more limited in variety. The shapewear allows the ladies to instantly reduce 1-2 inches and flaunt a smooth compressed finish to abs or torso. They also help in augmenting back posture and in removing the wrinkles and creases from the dresses.

Comfortable Wear for Day-long Wear

Men Shapewear

Companies are putting lots of effort to make the shapewear comfortable for both men and women. They are made of futuristic materials with a blend of two or more fabrics. The intent is to provide both comfort and flexibility. Shapewears are intrinsically body hugging but with 4D stretch, they allow flexibility of movement. They also blend easily with the body so that they remain invisible under the dress. Moreover, while body-hugging, they allow breathing room to the skin and so you do not feel flushed or any discomfort even after long hours of wearing them. Hence, shapewear for men and shapewear for women share many of the same advantages and help the individuals for day-long, and long-term wear.

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