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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Workout Wear

Workout is an important part of the fitness regime and you must be dressed right to exercise unhindered and get the best result. It means choosing the right clothes and shoes that offer you optimum support in diverse activities. The overall ensemble should also look good as it acts as a moral boost and keeps you in a happy frame of mind. Read this guide to know about the best training clothes for you so that you choose the right workout wear.

Basic Undergarments

Undergarments form the basic layer of clothing on your body and should be chosen right. Women should always wear a sports bra or a tank top with a built-in structure to give that essential support to their bust. In the absence of such undergarments, you take the risk of damaging them or making them loose and sagging even with lightweight exercises like jogging or skipping. Regarding underwear, numerous brands provide underwear along with workout shorts or running shorts for both genders. This saves you from the fear of exposing yourself. However, as a woman, if you are worried about exposing your panty lining, then you can replace your regular undergarment with athletic-style thongs. Men playing hockey or basketball should definitely wear an athletic cup for protection.


Wear your fitness outfit according to your comfort level and do not try to follow the fashion. It’s okay if you wear a body-hugging, form-fitting outfit or a baggy, loose-fitting workout garment. If the dress is a proper fit and you are comfortable in it, then you are ready to hit the gym. The colour and design of fitness wear also adds to your comfort level and adds to your mental wellbeing. So, try choosing outfits that you would love to be seen in. The material of the dress is vital too. The fitness wear should be made up of sweat-absorbent material that keeps you dry for extended periods. With new technological advancements, you can actually buy clothes made up of fabric that pulls moisture away from your skin and keeps you cool and dry. Cotton is a particular no-no to any type of workout outfit as it would make you very sweaty. Instead choose synthetic fibres such as spandex, Lycra, polyester, and polypropylene. Lastly, look for stretchable materials that allow you suitable stretch.


Different workouts need different apparel for the best outcome. So, remember to invest right. For yoga, you would require loose tops and yoga pants. For biking, you would feel comfortable in bike shorts, tank tops, jackets or jerseys for cold or windy weather, caps, and gloves. Similarly, for pilates, choose a stretchable, fitted dress.


Your footwear is an important part of your workout ensemble and should not be ignored. They allow you to engage in all the activities with ease and provide much-needed protection against probable injuries during exercises. Choose the footgear as per your specific sport or exercise and invest in the best by looking out for sales and discounts. However, if you are exercising at home and engaging in low-impact workouts like yoga, pilates, and strength training, then you can even go barefoot and benefit from overall form and foot strength.

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