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The Effect of Covid-19 on Indian Textile Industry

Textile Industry is one of the largest contributors to the country’s exports with around 11.4% share in India’s total export earnings. In the fiscal period 2018-19, the textile industry saw an export of nearly $37.5 billion (INR 2,596 billion) and growing at a CAGR of 7% since 2004-05. The industry is currently pegged at an estimate of $150 billion (INR 10,834 billion). Here 75% of the total consumption is witnessed in the domestic market, and the remaining 25% accounts for exports. In terms of employment, the Indian textile industry is the second largest employer after agriculture, providing direct and indirect employment to nearly 100 million people in India. In the last few years, the industry has witnessed a momentous increase in online shopping with websites like UrbanShoppy providing a wide range of apparel and accessory choices. Hence, people can buy online shapewear, activewear, and bag as per their preferences from many local and international brands.

Negative Impact of Covid-19 on the Textile Industry

The widespread impact of the covid-19 pandemic has left every sector reeling under its dire effects. The textile industry is witnessing a deceleration in the growth projection, and the extended lockdowns keep the local stores closed. The Covid 19 pandemic has severely hit the textile industry and negatively impacted both local and international trades. A large closing of various malls and markets has resulted in order cancellation and there has been a simultaneous built-up of inventory. Even when the lockdown ends, the clothes become unsuitable due to changing season needs and it hampers the sales. Additionally, the dropping prices on imports of goods are financially affecting the textile merchants, and the recovery of payments has slowed down. The decrease in available working capital combined with preferential clothing demands from competing countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh is affecting the export of textile materials. Consequently, only means of selling clothes is open in the form of online shopping such as UrbanShoppy where people can visit an online shop and buy online shapewear, daily wear, special costume, bag, activewear, and other garments for their clothing needs.

Online Shopping Sites as an Option to Extended Lockdowns

Today, more and more merchants are setting up online shops to sell their clothes and materials to sell their varied stuff and fulfil the clothing need of Indian people so that they can remain smartly dressed even within the confines of their homes. Smart merchants sell their products not only on their online shop but also on popular merchant sites like Amazon and UrbanShoppy. It gives greater exposure to their merchandizes and increases the possibilities of their sales.

Shapewear and Activewear to Tackle Obesity 

Shapewear & Activewear

The long periods of inactivity are taking a toll on people’s fitness level and giving rise to obesity. As such, more people are inclined to buy online shapewear to help them look shapely the moment they need to step out of their homes. Online shops like UrbanShoppy, with its large collection of activewear, apparel, bag, and other necessities, ensure that people get the best products at affordable rates to help them in their fitness goals. The website promotes numerous local brands along with prominent names to encourage the Indian textile industry and offer a wide range of choices to its customers.

Declining Customer Purchasing Power

Unfortunately, pay cut-offs and large-scale employment are limiting customer buying abilities and turning them away from indulges such as clothes shopping. The textile industry is witnessing a build-up of finished and raw products in the absence of buyers even with heavy discounts. If the situation does not improve soon, the Indian textile industry would find itself in a lot of trouble. Hopefully, sites like UrbanShoppy would not get discouraged by this trend and continue to offer attractive garments, bags, accessories, activewear, and shapewear which people can buy online.

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